We provide a free initial consultation followed by a complete package that includes the planning applications & submission, building regulations compliance, design & drawing services and any structural engineering calculations. These may be required for your extensions, internal alterations, loft conversions, new home, office or apartment block.

We manage the entire process with the Building Regulation authorities right through until approval.

Small Projects

  • Loft Conversions – From £1150 + VAT
  • Garage Conversions – From £750+ VAT
  • Conversion of a single dwelling house to flats – From £750 + VAT per flat
  • Extensions (single and double storeyed) built at the side, rear or front. – From £750 + VAT
  • Chimney breast/stack removals – From £275 + VAT
  • Through Lounge – From £250 + VAT
  • Basement Construction – From £2500 + VAT
  • Outbuilding – From £600 + VAT
  • New Build – 3% of Construction Cost

All prices above include planning services, architectural drawings, structural calculations & drawings where necessary.

Mid to Large Projects

  • On mid to large projects we get involved at various stages. If you have already secured planning approval through an architect we can take on your structural engineering design work in conjunction with your professionals.
  • The larger the project the narrower or more specific our role is. It can range from discharging your outstanding Planning Approval Conditions, Build Over agreements with your sewerage provider (e.g Thames Water), Building Regulation Compliance to Party Wall negotiations. Whatever the project spectrum we can add value to it.

Planning Application Services

At Plan & Build, we have worked closely with our clients to achieve a smooth planning process and Building Regulations compliance with every one of our projects over the past two decades.

  • We first assess whether the proposed construction requires Planning Permission or not.
  • If it does entail planning permission, our in-house Architect will get to work on the drawings required for submission to the appropriate Building Regulatory Authority.
  • If the building does not require Planning Permission, then it constitutes a Permitted Development (PD) in which case, we proceed directly to stage 2 where our architect and structural engineer will collaborate to prepare the necessary drawings and calculations.
  • Building Regulations Compliance: We offer two options for the Building Regulations Approval. Either apply directly to your local authority or get you an Approved Inspector.
  • Either way, the plans will be checked for compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Documents.

Change Of Use

Properties go through a lot of use in their life span. Some houses start off as residential homes and then become shops at ground floor, while some commercial buildings are built as offices and later become schools or flats.

Almost all Changes of Use require planning permission and we provide this service. We can do a Pre-Application consultation with your council before you acquire or lease a property.

From £750 + VAT

Structural Surveys and Reports

Structural reports/surveys are required when you have been instructed by a bank to investigate identified structural defects.

We can prepare a report to

  • Confirm structural defects
  • Investigate likely causes
  • Outline remedial work
  • Provide a cost estimate of remedial works

A structural report could help you decide whether or not to buy a property and if you do..at least you know what you are taking on.

From £500 + VAT

Party Wall Surveying & Awards

Party wall Services are becoming more prominent in residential extensions as neighbors get notified by party wall professionals as soon as your Planning application is validated and made public.

We can act on your behalf as the ‘Owners’ (PW surveyor) or if you are an adjoining owner we can protect your interest and on occasion we also act as Joint/Agreed Surveyors.

The Party Wall Act does not apply to all extensions and recently we have acted on behalf of clients to avoid unnecessary expense and delays when the Act does not apply but pressure is still being applied by errant Party Wall surveyors.

From £1050 + VAT

Contract Administration

Larger projects require more precise work schedules, Specifications contracts, Bill of Quantities and Works programmes to reduce claims from your builder(s)/contractor(s).

Tenders have to be managed to get a fair and cost-beneficial price for the project. The Cheapest offer is not always the best!

We can prepare

  • JCT Contracts 
    • Structured contracts like JCT have well established exit strategies and dispute resolutions.
  • Bill of Quantities (using a qualified QS)
  • Works programme (GANNT Chart)
  • Tender Analysis
  • Interim Valuations
  • Completion Certification

Pricing – 7% of Construction Cost